Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming back from Costa Rica makes me feel co-co-co cold :(

I know - cheesy blog post title but I can't help it.  I can't help being cheesy or complaining about being back after I had the opportunity to be in a wonderfully warm climate.  The only benefit of coming home, and it's a biggie, is Mike was here.  Despite my grumbling I'm secretly happy to be back even though it's cold and annoyingly slushie.  However, to be clear, if he was with me I would have been even more insufferable on that plane.

For those of you who don't know I went on a photography retreat.  A few months ago we bought a fancy camera.  Up until last week I looked like a pro but used it as a point and shoot.  Well, well not anymore. It's now clear that I'm not a pro.  After a weeklong retreat I take very few pictures because I spend all of my time thinking about composition, frantically trying to figure out the purpose of the picture, how I can make the subject looks it best and why the f'en light meter won't balance!  Needless to say the pictures I took in Costa Rica are not perfect but I tried so hard I had a few wins.  A professional photographer might disagree but who cares.  For the next few weeks or even months I'm going to try and post a picture each day.

These pictures are fun.  I ran into a lovely couple on the beach and asked if I could take a picture.  It turns out they were both from Toronto as well.  The trick Catherine emphasized with portraits is not stopping after the first shot.  That people stop posing and actually relax into the shot when they think you are finished.  This couple were great sports, very friendly and ridiculously attractive.  The guy saw Andrea and I at the beach a few hours later and referred to us as the 'Toronto Camera Club'.  

PS:  If anyone knows these people I'd be happy to give them these pictures.  I feel like I've met them before but I can't pinpoint where.

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