Sunday, January 11, 2009

focal length sucks a bit...

I'm off to Costa Rica for my photography retreat in less than a week.  With the date fast approaching I decided to take my trusty tutors advice,  the photography for dummies book, and take pictures.  I haven't been taking many lately because my pea sized attention span became obsessed with knitting.  As my punishment but for practicing  I went for a walk to take pictures and only stopped when I lost feeling in my fingers. 

On this outing I was trying to figure out focal length.  I"m happy to say, I may not be able to teach a class on it, but I do know how it works.  Mike and I were trying to figure it out but I didn't get it till I played around.

So, I can tick off how to turn my camera on, depth of field, aperture, focal length and how to avoid 'noise' in my pictures.  Noise is a photographer term I am not cool enough to use but did because it's my blog.  These pictures could be a lot better if I played with the ISO though.  My internal check list will be WAY better when Catherine's talent and knowledge just seeps into my brain.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of these pictures.  I'm leaning towards making card box sets.  Don't worry the cards will not be produced until my picture taking improves by a million fold.

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