Monday, February 2, 2009

First of many hats...

I'm still bitter that I left a tropical climate and returned to frigid temperatures. Mike, my hubby, spent the winter in India last year and complained miserably for months when the weather hit the single digits upon his return.  I was only away for a week and haven't found a way to shake the chill.  I wasn't very supportive after a few weeks of his complaining.  I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes and not giving him much sympathy.  This might be why he was the first recipient of this hat pattern I've finally figured out. 

I remade it fifteen times but now it's almost perfect-o.  One row has twisted stitches and I dropped a stitch along the way.  Fortunately for me Mike is not a knitter and can't tell.  In fact, I'm still such a newbie I didn't realize it either until my friend Day's trained eye spotted it.

In other news my daily photo project will resume tomorrow.  

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