Friday, January 16, 2009

Renaissance Soul - I got it!

Yesterday, I was walking around Indigo with my friend Jen when she spotted a book entitled 'The Renaissance Soul'.  The tagline reads 'life designs for people with too many passions to pick just one'.  She held the book up and said I needed to buy it.  

I came home and promptly started reading the book.  Well, that's not true.  I fought with myself for a few minutes because I should be reading my photography book.  Like I said that only lasted for a few minutes.  Within the first few pages Margaret, the author who has a window to my soul, has us answer 20 questions.  You're a renaissance soul if you answer yes to 11.  I answered yes to 19.  The only one I didn't answer favorably was around hating your current job.  I've hit a gold mine at my work, thank god.  My job can mostly be whatever I want it to be.  I do have a small percentage of work I 'have' to do but my boss allows me to explore new ideas and gave me an intern last year to help me make it happen.  

So, if you, are interested in everything and sometimes feel a bit harried by the amount you're juggling or you have an undiagnosed severe case of ADD this book is for you.  Here's a list of the hobbies I have actively explored/participated in just this month -

- running (new)
- spinning
- yoga
- photography
- recycled box sets of cards (new)
- sewing quilts
- cooking
- baking
- tiffin box jacket production
- knitting

See what I mean?  That's weird, flaky, etc - don't worry I know.  Or should I say I once thought.  Now, the Big M, compares me to Ben Franklin.  He had lots of weird and diverse interests that he explored successfully without starting from scratch.  AND, there was a whole era dedicated to people just like me who were encouraged to explore a bunch of different things.  You know the Renaissance Era.

I frequently joke with Mike that I'm going to retire early and pursue my hobbies.  He doesn't think it's funny.  Especially since I misread my pension projection forms on purpose and say I'm going to retire early.  Or I order new cheques and say I'm rich just like Balkie from Perfect Strangers.

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  1. Krista agrees with me when I say we're so much alike it's scary Em.