Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 and 11 of 30 - out and about

I've decided to double up because I fell behind in my thirty day photo project. Here are two pictures taken on a frigid photo fun day with my friend Andrea. She keeps me honest by pointing out the fact that photos pre-fancy camera should not be used. So much for cutting corners. This weekend I'll need to get off my keister and take some goodies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 of 30 - obsessed

I have a wild obsession with bikes. Every time I walk by them I frame a picture around it. Then I think about what I could do with the many, many pictures I have of them.  I have bike pictures from every place I've travelled.  This bike was laying up against Simons (sp?) in sweet sweet Montreal.  My Mom and brother's girlfriend took off while I got the shot I was looking for.  Upon closer inspection I am still giggling over the dude framed in the brake cord over the handle bar.

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 of 30

This picture was taken pre-Costa Rica trip.  The lighting is a bit off but I wanted to post a picture before heading off to bed.  So, here we are. This picture was taken a few months ago a few hours outside of the city.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The subtle language differences in other countries - I love, love, love it.... 5 of 30

I started feeling healthy enough for a few bevy's a few days into our vacay. 'Sex in the Beach' was on the menu. I had a good chuckle and hope you do as well.

I might find this particularly funny because my Greek is not the best and I am always faced with a few chuckles when I get my words mixed up. A perfect example is when I spent two weeks asking every stranger everyone where I could find an outhouse? My poor cousin was mortified when I innocently asked at a high end restaurant one evening in her presence.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surfers, surfers everywhere... 3 of 30

In an earlier post I commented on how Andrea and I took many pictures of beach near out hotel. There were so many surfers around we always had new skylines to shoot, sunsets to look at differently and shutter speeds to manipulate in order to freshen up our shots.

Here's a fun one.

Movement Day - 4 of 30

Another beach shot - surprise. On our third day Catherine did a great job at teaching us how to shoot movement. I only heard a quarter of what she said because I was still recovering from the stomach flu. Thankfully Catherine came to the beach with us that evening and patiently replayed the entire lesson more than once.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seriously this time - 30 pictures in 30 days

My friend asked me today what happened with my 30 pictures in 30 days project. If you can believe it I forgot. I got wrapped up in reacquainting myself with my sewing machine and stopped taking as many pictures. Well, here we go again. Take 2.

Here is picture 1 of 30 mark my word.

Andrea took this picture of me attempting to blast through the water in the ATV we rented for the day. I have to admit when she wanted to drive on the way home from our hike I was a little sad. She was a good driver though and it was fun to sit on the back and take in the sights.

Friday, February 13, 2009

the weather outside is?

I wake up everyday and ask Hubster if 'the weather is frightful or delightful?' Oh and yes I do this in a loud sing songie voice. His response today was perfect. He said it's closer to frightful than delightful. I thought this picture illustrated his response. You are probably thinking what is she talking about. Am I right?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A bright spot in an otherwise kaka day...

For the past few weeks I have been consumed with excitement over the upcoming quilting workshop I've enrolled in. The workroom is the brightest new spot in my life. I'm currently taking an A-line skirt making class there and ramping up for this quilt making class. This quilt will be particularly special because I'm making it for our bed. I've toyed with so many different ideas for the color scheme but it comes back to grey. One day I think grey and fushia and the next I think more grey and suit pin stripes or light soft blues, whites and greys. Needless to say this decision will not be taken lightly. This quilt is a picture they post on their website. Wanna guess how many times I've visited this site?

One of those days...

landscape_ppl, originally uploaded by EmDouk.

I think the weather is making me lose a bit of the steam I've been running on lately. It's a bit cold and rainy out today. My computer isn't working either so I'm forced to go between two until it's figured out. I decided to steal a minute and post a picture of the scene in my mind that's taunting me a bit. This is the beach Andrea and I pain stakingly (sp?) photographed every angle of. I wish I could add more photo's to this post but my understanding of blogging from flickr is limited.

Hopefully you take a second to close your eyes and feel the sun on your skin with me. The only thing warm I'm feeling these days are my new boots that increase my internal body temperature by 80 degrees.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mike says I don't like dogs- whatever!

Mike and I made a deal before our wedding not to go overboard on presents to one another. So, we set a budget of $40 and I dropped hints that I planned our entire wedding and expected the most thoughtful and touching present ever. I know you feel pressure but you're ok. And, yes, I told him this until I was sure he knew it. What did I get? Well, the most thoughtful, romantic, and kind gift any person has ever received. He bought me a dog collar with the name of a dog we named the day we got engaged a note that reads: if lost return me to our address and phone number. The deal is I can redeem it and choose a dog. We haven't bought the puppy yet because our place is not quite right and I might be a little gun shy as well. I've never had a dog I just love them from afar and want one so, so, so, so, so badly. I spoke with a girl yesterday who has the sweetest dog in the world. When I asked how the training she told me that she cried everyday for three months. She's a perfect dog now but I'm scared of getting to the perfect dog stage. IT takes a long time for that to happen.

Mike thinks I"m scared of dogs because I don't pet every mangey flee infested dog who comes near me. He pets really gross dogs. Of course, I'm scared of those dogs. However, while in Costa Rica I saw this dog more than once and his name was... wait for it....Poopy. I loved Poopy and had no problem petting him. Then we befriended a woman who had these crazy dogs below. I would never pet these dogs - EVER! Mike on the other hand would have no problem. I came home and showed Mike these pictures and proved him wrong in a sing songy voice.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First of many hats...

I'm still bitter that I left a tropical climate and returned to frigid temperatures. Mike, my hubby, spent the winter in India last year and complained miserably for months when the weather hit the single digits upon his return.  I was only away for a week and haven't found a way to shake the chill.  I wasn't very supportive after a few weeks of his complaining.  I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes and not giving him much sympathy.  This might be why he was the first recipient of this hat pattern I've finally figured out. 

I remade it fifteen times but now it's almost perfect-o.  One row has twisted stitches and I dropped a stitch along the way.  Fortunately for me Mike is not a knitter and can't tell.  In fact, I'm still such a newbie I didn't realize it either until my friend Day's trained eye spotted it.

In other news my daily photo project will resume tomorrow.