Monday, September 13, 2010


Our poor little girl doesn't fit into one pair of her pants.  She has a closet full of dresses and not one pair of pants that aren't scandalous.  A few days ago I made her some sweet reversible pants from Anna Maria Horners Book, Handmade Beginnings.  I'll admit our little girl is like the shoemakers kid everyone, but her, has something made by me but her. For that reason I have promised myself that she and our home will be the benefactors of handmade goodness from now until Christmas prezzie season begins.

The pants were easy and quite quick to make. The only challenge is that my elastic keeps snapping and the pants become a bit too big.  The great thing about these are that they are reversible.  As a result she has worn them two days in a row and noone has a clue.  Tonight I'm going to whip up another two pairs in blue and gray.  I'll probably add pink because I can't help myself. I didn't think I would put her in pink all the time but it's just so sweet.  I can't resist.  

PS:  Aren't these photos great?  My friend, Andrea, took these and didn't even get annoyed when I tried to 'art direct' her.  She  successfully ignored my instructions and made it the pictures sweeter.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I decided to up my time behind the camera and joined a flickr foto school hosted by Miss B.
I must admit it's quite fun.  Life is slow and silly these days which lends itself nicely to upping my photography skills.

This is Baby G just waking up from her nap.  It was chilly just before she went down so I put on a pair of baby legs.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tomatoes Tomatoes Everywhere!!!

It's official we have more tomatoes than we know what to do with.  We planted tomato seeds we received as a wedding present and ended up with hundreds of heirloom and zebra tomatoes.  If the 12 tomato plants weren't enough to keep us in business for the season the two bushels of tomatoes I bought from Fiesta Farms may have been a bit over the top.  Two bushels is in the neighborhood of 600 Roma tomatoes.  I know it's bananas.  But, I can explain I fell head over heels for Gayla Trail's book "Grow Great Grub" which led me to her blog which gave me so many tasty tomato recipes I needed to try them.  Typically Mike and I put up a bushel or two of plain old tomatoes but this year, thanks to Gayla, I made ketchup,  tried my hand at delicious oven dried tomatoes that Karyn posted about last year and finally made a few salsa recipes.  None have been perfect but I'm still trying.  I think the key might be roasting the tomatoes and removing the hot pepper seeds before putting them in.  

Some of you may be wondering where my five month old was?  Well she was giggling and cooing from her bumbo watching the craziness happen while I sang, made faces and rolled my tongue at her for the five straight days it took me to make it happen.  

Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at a green tomato salsa. If it turns out G and I will be in the kitchen putting up some salsa.  We have about a hundred of these zebra tomatoes we need to make use of.  

PS:   I would give you the oven dried tomato recipe but I got it from the Grow Great Grub book and feel like it's not mine to post.