Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaking from a place of truth - what does that mean?

A few months ago I was walking to a doctor's appointment chatting with my friend Kris. Getting time to catch up with her is a real treat because we don't see one another regularly. I spent this time complaining about a certain, sometimes, tactless person I spent a lot of energy thinking about. When I got off the phone it struck me that I didn't even ask Krista how she was? I spent the entire time complaining about a situation I could not change - AND even if I could, frankly, have no right to. I realized that I was diverting energy from changing or nurturing things in my own life on someone else's. In that moment I vowed to speak, act, react from a place of truth. What that means, for me, is taking control of me and my actions. I still have awkward situations where I have to deal with confrontational issues but I take it to the person, we discuss and deal with it. I recently had to tell someone they were not doing their job and the person didn't take it well. It was uncomfortable but I spoke from a place of truth. When I talk about this idea with people they are a bit confused. So I thought I would show you what acting from a place of truth looks like. This is my nephew, Jacob, opening a Jack in the Box Christmas present. The picture is blurry but you can still make out his uninhibited joy.

This is another example. It's a poster a little kid put up a few months ago before the dead of winter hit. I wish the picture was more clear but it's a poster that reads - "Save The World" - Please do your part and don't litter. This poster has been rained on, snowed on and blown by the wind. It was stuck up a few months ago and hasn't aged a day. Hopefully I'll be able to weather life's little storms when I'm coming from a place of honesty and goodness.

I hope this post gets you thinking a bit. It'll take a few pounds you might be hauling around on your shoulders.

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