Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HANDMADE HOLIDAY - one clutch of many

I took a leather clutch making class at the workroom a few weeks before the holidays and ended up making quite a few for people.  I can only show you this one because the others haven't been collected yet.  I made this one out of thick upholstery fabric.  I really like how it turned out.  The fabric was gritty enough not to show the glue I use to attach the fabric and the clasp.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I made my Dad a tie.  Before I could take a detailed photograph in good lighting Christmas rolled around.  Then I completely forgot to do it.  You can't see the sweet floral detail on the back.  

This is my Dad early on Christmas morning opening his gifts.

This was his expression below when my Mom told him I made it for him.  I think he's screaming 'yeah!?!'

Sunday, January 10, 2010

HANDMADE HOLIDAY - wrapping ideas

I love every aspect of gift giving.  Whether I make the gift myself or buy if from a store.  The final wrapping is no exception.  We're always rushing around and sometimes I lack in the presentation department.  I am happy with some of our gifts though.

I wrapped my Dad's tie (will post a little later) with a handmade handkerchief.  For little presents this is a very low environmental impact wrapping job.

I reused some of the tissue paper Mike brought home from one of his Christmas present purchases.  

Lastly, I thought I invented this wrapping technique when I was in highschool. Which was more than ten years ago but, unfortunately for me, despite how cute it is many, many people have done it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HANDMADE HOLIDAY - handkerchiefs

We made a handmade Christmas pledge this year and some of the gifts included handkerchiefs. Ok, I made one a handmade pledge. Mike dedicated himself to our basement renovation. The pledge consisted of making at least all or part of every persons Christmas present on our list. This coupled with the fact that I hate using wrapping paper made the handkerchiefs an excellent prezzie choice.

Mike bought me a serger for my birthday so finishing these were quick and easy. I used three threads on my serger and pulled the lower looper nice and tight. I used some silky thread so the rolled edges feel nice and soft to the touch. I took the Serger Essentials class at the workroom and learned this technique plus a few more good ones. These handkerchiefs were made for our friend/designer, Erin, who helped us figure out a good layout for our basement renovation.

If you don't have a serger I would HIGHLY suggest buying one. I've had so much fun using mine.

Monday, January 4, 2010


My Mom makes a traditional cake called a vasilopita to celebrate the New Year. She makes it every and it has a coin hidden in it. This year I GOT THE COIN. I'm ashamed to admit that I am fiercely competitive about getting the coin each year and so invested that I can't ever remember getting it fairly. I try hard to hide my brattiness but I just can't. However, this year I told myself to suck it up and not be so crazy. What happened? I devested myself of the outcome and ended up with the coin in my piece of cake. It was quite thrilling to get it fair and square. I still feel bad about being such a psycho at my cousins house last year. Her boyfriend found it and I could not recover my obviously disappointed reaction before I got caught. They are still teasing me about it.

Greek people can be pretty superstitious and I am no expection. I keep creating all of these lovely images like thinking my labour and delivery will be a breeze, the baby will be quiet and well mannered all the time, and my transition from work to home won't really be as busy as I believe it to be. Needless to say I am oozing positivity. Happy New Year. Stay tuned for lots of posting on holiday present crafting.