Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decorating our forever house

We moved into a new house a few weeks ago.  Mike and I affectionately refer to it as our 'forever house'.  Our goal is to never move.  If we need to add an addition so be it.  Moving is such a pain especially when you're six months pregnant.  Speaking of being pregnant I think my nesting hormone has been released because I have a burning desire to decorate, organize and generally be settled.  The only problem is that Mike needs to paint and every square foot needs a coat.  In an effort to do what I can I decided to take some vacation time from work.  Today marks the first day of three blessed weeks off.  

This is what I was working with.

As you can see the colors on the walls were hideous.  I'm not sure the picture does it justice. 

The weekend we moved in Mike painted the walls a light grey color but we're finding it a bit too bluey.  The undertone really seems to poke through a bit more than we intended.  It could be that our place has no character and the pot lights are blinding.  We've decided to finish decorating then make the decision to make it darker. 

This is a picture of our lifeless living room at the moment.  It's pretty dark and rainy outside so the lighting is not great.  

I'm playing with the color scheme and thought I wanted shades of grey, blue, white, cream, and a mustardy yellow.  I went to designer fabric outlet today and picked up some swatches and realized that mustard yellow clashes with our couch.  Now I'm on the hunt for another accent color.  Any suggestions?

This week my plan is to complete the drapes, pillows, have some of my photographs printed for the wall and find a television stand.  Finding a television stand has not been easy.  Wish me luck.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

29 things to do before I turn 30...

My birthday was last week. I feel like it blew by in a bit of a haze. Mike and I moved into our new forever house so we have been busy setting it up. I call it our 'forever house' because we never want to move again. It's certainly big enough and requires enough work to last us a life time. A few months ago Leslie from good-ness posted a list of things she wanted to do before her next birthday. What a wonderful idea, eh?

Here's my list.

1. Do one sweet surprise for Mike each month.
2. Connect with my brother in person on a monthly basis.
3. Give my parents my undivided attention over the phone once a week.
4. Fix my computer.
5. Use my camera more often.
6. Do a Rosetta class on line.
7. Plan a family trip with the new babe.
8. Make the baby a beautiful quilt.
9. Sell some of my crafty creations.
10. Take at least a minute everyday to breath.
11. Take 10 minutes a day to tidy up.
12. Do the Artist's Way properly.
13. Make art for the baby's room using the book I bought Mike at our wedding.
14. Make king size bedding.
15. Make a roman blind for the kitchen.
16. Strip desk.
17. Practice yoga weekly. Make exercising a daily priority.
18. Participate in a weekend creativity retreat.
19. Blog more --> try twice a week.
20. Be more proactive in completing paperwork and life stuff.
21. Be more frugal.
22. Set up an amazing crafting studio.
23. Make a quilt for our home.
24. Display my photographs at home.
25. Send more handwritten cards.
26. Cook and bake more while trying not to gain weight.
27. Go cherry picking with my brother and the new baby.
28. Finish my Double Wedding Ring Quilt.
29. Make my Mom a quilt.

Wish me luck.