Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mike says I don't like dogs- whatever!

Mike and I made a deal before our wedding not to go overboard on presents to one another. So, we set a budget of $40 and I dropped hints that I planned our entire wedding and expected the most thoughtful and touching present ever. I know you feel pressure but you're ok. And, yes, I told him this until I was sure he knew it. What did I get? Well, the most thoughtful, romantic, and kind gift any person has ever received. He bought me a dog collar with the name of a dog we named the day we got engaged a note that reads: if lost return me to our address and phone number. The deal is I can redeem it and choose a dog. We haven't bought the puppy yet because our place is not quite right and I might be a little gun shy as well. I've never had a dog I just love them from afar and want one so, so, so, so, so badly. I spoke with a girl yesterday who has the sweetest dog in the world. When I asked how the training she told me that she cried everyday for three months. She's a perfect dog now but I'm scared of getting to the perfect dog stage. IT takes a long time for that to happen.

Mike thinks I"m scared of dogs because I don't pet every mangey flee infested dog who comes near me. He pets really gross dogs. Of course, I'm scared of those dogs. However, while in Costa Rica I saw this dog more than once and his name was... wait for it....Poopy. I loved Poopy and had no problem petting him. Then we befriended a woman who had these crazy dogs below. I would never pet these dogs - EVER! Mike on the other hand would have no problem. I came home and showed Mike these pictures and proved him wrong in a sing songy voice.

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