Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friends come in all shapes and sizes....

PS: I'm over the photo 30 day project. I don't want to post pictures and talk about them all the time. I want to do whatever I feel like. Whether it be sewing, knitting, taking photos or baking a cake. This blog was my opportunity to do something fun on my own time. What I've reduced it to is a B-O-R-I-N-G and uninspired photo assignment project. So if you're interested in photography go to a daily dose of imagery and stay her if you're interested in people, places, things or ideas. A noun if you will. Get it? I just made an English grammar joke. Oh I"m so funny.

Now that we've concluded the photo project is so over. I have something that I made to share. My friend Andrea had an important birthday this year and because I love her I wanted to give her something I thought she would love. Andrea has a blue Roots bag she lugs around everywhere - to Costa Rica, to work, to the gym, to spa weekends, shopping weekends you name it. It's handy and holds everything from her laptop to her gym sneakers. I always tease her about it despite the fact that its functional and cute. I decided to make her a bag that fit her classic look at work (she works for a finance company where she's not allowed to wear jeans) so I chose a feminine, classic and timeless print - like Andrea. This is the bag below. You likey?

I can't take credit for this picture. Like a dirtbag I forgot and had to ask Andrea to take it for me after I gave it to her.

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