Monday, March 2, 2009

12 of 30 - in my world lent has begun...

I'll give myself an E for Effort in the 30 day photo project. I haven't abandoned my efforts but I'm not keeping up with it. It's a new week though, perhaps I'll surprise myself and not miss a day.

I took this picture in a dark hallway by releasing the flash on my camera. I like how it turned out because lighting is hard to figure out.

I added this picture today because hubster extraodinaire on most days, gave up large slurpees and regular pop for lent. That's right. He's still allowed to get small regular pop slurpees and drink diet pop. How funny is that? Hubster is encouraged to do whatever he wants for lent. But I'm Greek Orthodox so my options are give up meat and if that' s not enough something else that I would have difficulty with. Yikes. Today is the first day of Greek Orthodox Lent. This might sound ridiculous to anyone who hasn't been raised in a strict and rigid religion but I feel like since I have been given so much this year I should take the next 40 days to show my appreciation. By appreciation I mean suffering through and giving up a bunch of things that I love. I talked to my Mom about it and she's thrilled. Actually she's the one who put this crazy idea into my head. So, for the next 40 days, I will stop consuming meat (this does not include cheese or eggs unless it's a very holy day, yeah lent has degrees, and I'm going to cut out all unnecessary spending). I thought long and hard about what would be the most difficult thing in my world and that's it. Frivolous spending is everything from ttc to work, coffee every morning from Tim Horton's and not purchasing the gym bag I want SO badly from Lulu Lemon. This will take brute force. Tonight, after taking out grocery money and money for the activities I have in calendar this month, I"m going home and putting my credit and debit cards in a bucket of water in the freezer. This will definitely be more difficult for me than anything else.

Wish me luck.

PS: If anyone is talking to Hubster this sort of looks like the bag I want.

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