Thursday, March 5, 2009

17 of 30 - I'll always be the baby of my family

I was having dinner with my friend Jen when she proudly pulled out this notebook she found. I FREAKED OUT and immediately asked if I could have it. And, she gave it to me. This book is only 1 of 250 limited edition notebooks made of recylced billboards. Each sheet is connected and allows you to stuff sheets of paper in between them - like a filofax notebook. I can stuff pictures, instructions or little cards. We made a deal that I would find something just as amazing for her. Good trade, eh? ESPECIALLY since I got the book first ;) It's to nice for me to write it in though. I need to choose JUST the right thing.

If you have any ideas that match this amazing-ness please let me know. It'll have to be good - look at the quote! If you want one of these visit 401 Richmond and ask for the billboard papery.

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