Friday, November 13, 2009

One down - one more to go

This is the first of two commissioned quilts. I've never sold a quilt before so this was particularly exciting.  Excuse the picture quality it rained for a week and every time I was home before or after work the lighting conditions stunk.  The background is that I love making quilts.  Not any old quilt.  I like making quilts with meaning. Ones that honor people, reflect the recipient perfectly pretty much anything that invokes happy memories, nostalgic moments or just makes you feel special every time you look at it. This is why, despite the beauty, I haven't jumped on the modern quilting bandwagon. I can't bring myself to make a quilt for the sake of it.  I need to construct a story and go from there.

After explaining this to my friend and real estate agent, Rachel, she asked me to make a quilt for a friend who was expecting a baby and had lost both her Mom and Dad.  I asked her to explain the girls parents and try her best to get some fabric that belonged to her parents. She contacted the girls Aunts who had a 30 year old polyester mustard napkin and yellow-ish placemat.  After peppering her with questions and finding enough fabric to complement the donated items I decided on neutral colors with cotton shirting material since the napkins were provided by her Mom's side I figured the girls Dad could be represented as well in a traditionally masculine associated dress shirt fabric. Rachel and her friend shared a really special moment once she gave her the quilt and with any luck her bouncing beautiful baby will enjoy the quilt for years to come.  

I really enjoyed this process. If you or someone you know needs a quilt for a sweet little baby I can turn it around within days. Just let me know.

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