Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just working away

Last night I finally tweaked my pajama bottoms and ticked them off of my crafty list of things to do. These were my first attempt at clothing on my own and I love the result. Someone's husband might think the legs are quite balloony BUT I really like them.

Remember my first double wedding ring quilt? I think I mentioned the labour intensive task of hand stitching it. I visited the workroom (I know, I know I go there all the time but it has gorgeous fabric, friendly staff, is beautifully lit and has cookies - why aren't you going?) and asked for the supplies necessary to undertake my task. In a nut shell I unravel some of my hand-dyed thread, run it through the blue box of wax, stick my leather thimble on and....

...try my hardest to make each stitch 1/4 inch long and perfectly straight. I'll keep you updated on my progress but remember how hot it is under this thing?

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