Friday, December 19, 2008

The home stretch in that not at all way...

Who knew that watching paint dry could be so enjoyable.  I have really enjoyed making this blanket for my parents.  Today I woke up at 8ish and knit until 12:30.  Wanna know how much I finished in that time?  Guess.  Two and a half squares.  The blanket has forty in total.  It was fine though I have to watch something or read something while I"m knitting otherwise I'll get a headache and go crossed eyed.  In the 3 1/2 hours I watched 'Lipstick Jungle' and 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II'.  

I've added some pictures of the blanket here.  I wanted to update along the way because I've made a ton of things but don't ever take pictures.  Ok, if I'm really being honest I'm not great with cataloguing so I've probably lost them.  This blog has inspired me to keep trucking and  update it.  Even though I think the only two people who will check back on a regular basis are Andy and Andrea.  

I'm 10 squares (20 hours) away from completing the knitted part of the blanket.  Then I have to sew the strips together and THEN needle point little hidden messages in Greek all over the blanket.   So, that when my parents are looking at it they'll see little notes that say I love you, you're great, thanks etc. My friend Day gave me that idea.  I was thinking about stencilling a fabric border and quilting it together.  Like I have time for that. 

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  1. Love the pic in this post Em. Santa gave me a couple of digital photography books... the one I'm reading is excellent and perfect for a couple of people passionate about taking nice pictures - but not passionate about knowing all the terminology and even care about the terminology, and who only really just wants someone to tell us how to set up our camera to take nice pictures... :)